Gretel Weiss Graduate Student-Faculty Collaboration Grants

The Department offers small grants of $4000 to faculty and students to collaborate together on a research project, with the ultimate goal of producing an article or book chapter co-authored by the faculty member and the student.  The awarded funds are used exclusively to employ graduate students.  A call for proposal is typically issued in February for awards granted in the next fiscal year.


Summer Session Teaching

Students with prior teaching experience (i.e. those who have taught at least one course as an instructor or teaching assistant) are eligible to be considered for teaching a summer course for the department.  Summer session courses, which have the same number of credit hours attached to them as a regular session course, are offered on an intensive track. All of these courses are online and offered in both synchronous and asynchronous format. In addition, there are several different time periods (some more condensed than others) over the summer when they are offered. The classes are typically small and provide an excellent opportunity for students to gather teaching experience.  The department offers a teaching training session each spring; students may also find offerings through the TA Project run by the School of Graduate Studies. Calls for teaching during the summer session are typically issued in January.


Faculty Research Assistance

Faculty members sometimes have research funds available to support graduate students during the summer months. 

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