A candidate entering the final semester of their M.A. or Ph.D. program should complete the following forms, available on the department’s website and completable through Docusign.  Please consult with the Graduate Program Coordinator if you have any questions.


1. Master of Arts Candidacy Form

Students should complete this form and bring it to the sign-off meeting for the first qualifying paper. The form may not be filed before the student has completed 30 credits (including the five required M.A. courses) and signing off on the first qualifying paper. Students should refer to the Qualifying Paper and MA Degree Checklist on the Forms & Checklists page of the department’s website for specific instructions.


2. Ph.D. Candidacy Form

Before the sign-off meeting for the Second Qualifying Paper, the student should complete pages 1, 2, and 4 of the Ph.D. Candidacy form. At the completion of this sign-off meeting, readers for the QP2 sign page 2, Section B and return the Ph.D. Candidacy form to the Sociology graduate office.  After the successful completion of the student’s dissertation proposal, the Graduate Director signs the Ph.D. candidacy form for electronic submission.  Students should refer to the “Dissertation Proposal Defense” instructions on the department website to complete the Qualifying Examination Form through Docusign and submit it to SGS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to officially become ABD. 


3. Dissertation Defense Forms

Upon the successful defense of the dissertation, the student’s committee members sign page 3, Section B of the Ph.D. candidacy form and the title page of the dissertation.  The Graduate Director must then sign the Ph.D. candidacy form certifying all requirements for the Ph.D. degree have been met.  The completed candidacy form and signed title page with original signatures are turned in to the Graduate School.

Students must complete various forms for the Graduate School in order to receive the Ph.D. degree. This includes a payment fee form, copyright agreement form, questionnaire, online diploma application, et al. These documents and their deadlines are available on the Graduate School’s webpage.  As noted previously, students should also refer to the PhD Graduation Checklist on the Forms & Checklists page of the department’s website for specific instructions.

NOTE: Degrees are conferred and diplomas issued in October, January, and May. However, a commencement ceremony only takes place in the spring. Recipients of October and January degrees may attend convocation in May. If a student is getting an October degree, they do not need to register for the fall semester.  Note, however, that in that instance, the dissertation defense will have to be held no later than mid-September; otherwise, they will be charged fall semester tuition.  Diplomas and interim certificates will be withheld from all students whose financial and/or library accounts are not clear.

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