• Thematic Cluster: Race, Ethnicity, Immigration
  • SAS Core: CCD, SCL
  • Credits: 3
  • Pre-reqs required: No
  • Course Frequency: Generally offered at least once per academic year
  • Course Notes / Requirements: Not open to majors in their senior year. The syllabus below is a sample syllabus. For up-to-date course information, please refer to the syllabus on your Canvas course site on the first day of class.
  • Syllabus: Syllabus File

Course Description:

This course examines the structure, functions, and conflicts associated with race and ethnic relations, and the interaction between minority and majority groups. Emphasis is placed on the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, class and other categories. A minority group refers to a group with less power within a hierarchical social system. As such, a sociological analysis will focus on the role of larger social systems and their impact on (and the formation of) different groups.