MPH Degree Program

About the Bachelor's Degree / Master of Public Health (BA/MPH OR BS/MPH) Articulated Degree

In partnership with Rutgers University–New Brunswick, the Rutgers School of Public Health offers highly-qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to begin graduate study during their undergraduate years, thereby accelerating the Master of Public Health degree by requiring approximately 3-5 additional semesters beyond the Bachelors degree. This is not a concurrent degree program. Students earn their Bachelors degree first and then the MPH.

Program Contact

Program Contact at the School of Arts and Sciences (for non-public health majors):
Adrian Bruning, PhD, MS
Assistant Dean
School of Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate Education-Academic Services
520 George Street, Room 103
New Brunswick, NJ, 08901
t. 848-932-8898

Who is Eligible

The Bachelors/Masters Program is open to all undergraduate majors attending Rutgers University–New Brunswick.

When to Apply

Interested undergraduates must be approved by their undergraduate school before applying. Once approved, they must apply to the School of Public Health between successful completion of 60 credits and before completion of 105 credits. (If you have taken more than 105 credits, please contact Mr. Kamal Kornegay, contact information is below.) Students will not be formally accepted into the BA/MPH or BS/MPH Program before they have completed 60 credits.

Application Requirements

Successful applicants must have demonstrated both a mature attitude and superior academic achievement. They must be recommended to the program by their major adviser or college dean.

Application requirements include:

  • A recommended overall GPA of 3.2 at the time of application;
  • A grade of B+ or better in a college level algebra course;
  • Completed a School of Public Health Application for Bachelor's/Master’s Degree Program;
  • One letter of recommendation from the Undergraduate Program Contact (listed above);
  • One letter of recommendation from an undergraduate faculty member;
  • Essay/statement of goals; and
  • Official transcripts indicating all prior undergraduate course work.
  • The GRE requirement is waived for students meeting the above admissions criteria.

Faculty or college dean letters of recommendation should include a brief description of the student’s interests, track record, and statement of maturity.

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MPH Curriculum

The MPH degree program requires 45 credit hours, comprising 18 credits of core courses, 15-18 credits of required concentration courses, 6-9 credits of electives, 3 credits of Practicum Capstone, an Applied Practice Experience (0 credits) and an Interprofessional Education Experience (0 credits). The Bachelors/Masters Program allows accepted BA/MPH or BS/MPH students to take up to 18 graduate credits of MPH courses at the Rutgers School of Public Health. These graduate credits MAY apply to both the undergraduate degree and the MPH degree, giving students advanced standing in the School of Public Health once students matriculate at the School of Public Health. Please note that the graduate credits earned as an undergraduate through the BA/MPH or BS/MPH degree program at the Rutgers School of Public Health cannot be transferred to other graduate programs. Visit the MPH degree webpage or each concentration's webpage for more information about the MPH curriculum.