Transfer Courses

All of the courses you wish to have transferred from another institution outside of Rutgers—New Brunswick will have to be evaluated by the Sociology department, as well as the staff in the Transfer Center. This must be completed BEFORE you register for any courses that you wish to transfer.  All courses eligible for transfer must have earned a grade of “C” or better.  Any course earning below a “C” (2.00) will not be transferred.

In order to take a course outside of Rutgers and transfer those credits earned toward the Sociology major or minor, Criminology minor and/or Health and Society minor, you must first complete a  Transfer Preapproval Form.  Once the department approves your course, we will fill out our portion of the form.  This form must be then submitted to the Academic Advisor before registering for any intended courses outside of Rutgers.  

 Limits on Transfer Credits

  • Students majoring in Sociology must complete at least six courses (21 credits) at Rutgers-New Brunswick.
  • The required 400-level course must be completed in New Brunswick and it is highly recommended that the required Research and Theory courses also be taken in New Brunswick.