The Rutgers Sociology department is United for Justice. The tragic and senseless murder of George Floyd, preceded by Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others before, has once again exposed the systemic racism and ongoing legacies of state violence disproportionately plaguing the Black community and people of color in this country and elsewhere. We recognize the pain that recent events -- the disproportionate share of COVID-related deaths among communities of color and the senseless murders of African-Americans -- inflict on many of our own colleagues. We stand in solidarity as a department and commit to the hard work required to effect meaningful and long-lasting change. We are dedicated to building a more just, equitable and sustainable department and society.

To learn more about anti-racism and recent protests, please see: Educational Resources to Understand Protests and Promote Anti-Racism.

(Statement previously housed on Diversity and Inclusion webpage.)