Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, Manhattan College

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Dr. Roksana Badruddoja is a feminine/masculine WOC; an interfaith and cross-cultural womanist; a critical race theorist and intersectional transnational gender scholar; an urban shamanic and akashic practitioner; a tenured professor of sociology, women and gender studies, and critical race and ethnicity studies at a PWI; and a queer mother to four fierce energy beings. Hir teaches courses on feminist research methods, WOC in the U.S., race and resistance, codes of gender, sex and violence, social inequalities, and feminist activism. Dr. Badruddoja focuses on contemporary social inequalities and the voices of marginalized “Others” as hir sites of thinking to address social problems in the modern world; explores the meanings of spaces and places in the context of power, privilege and abuse and solidarity, resistance, and mobilization; and thinks deeply, every day, about how vulnerability is imagined, the practices of solidarity and what it means to be of service to the marginalized. Dr. Badruddoja is the author of National (un)belonging: Bengali American women on imagining and contesting culture and identity (Brill/Haymarket), the editor of “New maternalisms”: Tales of motherwork (dislodging the unthinkable) (Demeter), and a contributor of Good girls marry doctors: South Asian daughters in obedience and rebellion (Aunt Lute).