Adjunct Professor of Linguistics at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Dr. Cosper graduated from Rutgers with a Ph.D. in sociology and also worked at the Center of Alcohol Studies. He had previously gotten a B.A. from Purdue in sociology and mathematics, and an M.A. from Cornell in sociology and linguistics. Ronald has been employed by Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, since 1970 and is now semi-retired. He did research in alcohol use, leisure studies and language. His major research projects were on occupational differences in alcohol use and leisure, on reading in Canada (which involved a national survey), and languages in Nigeria, which involved field work over several years. Ronald has written on a variety of topics, including ethnicity and language in Nova Scotia, where Gaelic and Micmac continue to be spoken. Most recently Ronald has worked on lexical retention in Indo-European, specifically by comparing modern Italian and English, and on the evolution of linguistic communication among primates. Ronald is now an adjunct professor of linguistics at St. Mary's, teaching part-time. He did enjoy his years at Rutgers, and has kept in touch with several of those colleagues and students.