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Leschziner, Vanina

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto
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Vanina Leschziner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto. Her primary research interests are in theory, the sociology of culture, cognition, organizations, and qualitative methods. She is currently working on a book manuscript about the social logic of creation in High Cuisine that is based on ethnographic research she conducted in elite restaurants in New York City and San Francisco, titled Recipes for Success: Elite Chefs, Restaurants, and Culinary Styles in New York and San Francisco. This work combines a cultural, cognitive and organizational analysis of High Cuisine to explain the patterning of culinary creation; that is, how and why elite chefs create the food that they do. More generally, the book develops a theoretical and methodological framework for studying patterns of cultural creation. Part of this research has also been published in Sociological Forum among other publications. Vanina Leschziner has also conducted historical research, tracing the transformation of the epistemic foundation of cuisine, which was published in Theory & Society. She has also published research on social discrimination and intimacy, among other topics in the areas of culture and theory. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the sociology of culture, culture and cognition, and sociology of everyday life.