(Updated January 2022)


Alexandra Gervis – “Portable Benefits: Building Protection and Power in the New Non-Standard Safety Net.” Committee: Hana Shepherd (Chair), Catherine Lee, Quan Mai, Jocelyn Elise Crowley, Andrea Hetling

Irina Nicorici – “Becoming a Soviet Citizen: Migration, Citizenship, and the Politics of Belonging in the USSR, 1960-1990.” Committee: Judith Gerson (Chair), József Böröcz, Eviatar Zerubavel, Manuela Boatcă

Tsai-Yen Han – “Dirt Management: Cleanliness, Hygiene, and Childcare in the United States.” Committee: Joanna Kempner (Chair), Norah MacKendrick, Eviatar Zerubavel, Emily Bosk, Kate Cairns

Stephanie Peña-Alves – “In and Out: Inclusion, Exclusion, and the Formal Politics of Access.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (Chair), Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Mary Chayko, Deborah Carr


Laura Callejas. "Adolescent Status Struggles: Exploring the Relationship Between Conflict and Social Status Mobility in Middle School." Committee: Lauren J. Krivo (Co-chair), Hana Shepherd (Co-chair), Paul McLean, Todd Glover.

Jorie Hofstra. “Narrating the Neurally-Disrupted Self: Brain, Self, and Society in the Attribution of Dysregulated Anger.” Committee: Allan Horwitz (Chair), Eviatar Zerubavel, Joanna Kempner, Judith Gerson, Alexander K. Davis.

Niina Vuolajarvi – “Governing in the Name of Caring: Migration, Sex Work and the 'Nordic Model.'” Committee: Arlene Stein (Chair), Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Catherine Lee, Carole S. Vance


Brittany Pearl Battle. "'They're Stealing My Opportunity to Be a Father':The Child Support System and State Intervention in the Family." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (Chair), Ethel Brooks, Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Maureen Waller.

Lisa Campion. "Doing Identity: A Social Pattern Analysis Exploring the Process of Identity Construction and Maintenance." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (Chair), Deborah Carr, Richard Williams, Wayne Brekhus.

Idit Fast. "Creating Diversity, Managing Integration." Committee: Lauren J. Krivo (Co-chair), Hana Shepherd (Co-chair), Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Joscha Legewie.

Victoria Gonzalez. "Where is the "We" in Online Social Movements?: Rethinking the Role of Collective Identity in Online Activism." Committee: Karen Cerulo (Chair), Mary Chayko, Joanna Kempner, Francesca Polletta.

Brandon Kramer. "Molecularization at the Intersections: Testosterone, Prostate Cancer and the Construction of Racial Difference." Committee: Kristen Springer (Chair), Joanna Kempner, Catherine Lee, Rebecca Jordan-Young.

Lauren Murphy. "Race, Place, and Aging with Grace: The Intersection of Living Arrangements and Race in the Study of Older Adult Well-Being." Committee: Deborah Carr (Chair), Lauren J. Krivo, Julie Phillips, Dawn Mouzon, Amanda Botticello.

Jason Phillips. The Socioemotional Impact of Robbery on Social Networks: A Qualitative Study of Victim and Supporter Perspectives. (Lauren Krivo, Patrick Carr, Hana Shepherd).

Eunkyung Song. "Power from the Fingertips: Writing Alone and Working Together in the 2008 Candlelight Protests in South Korea." Committee: Paul McLean (chair), Judy Gerson, Richard Williams, Ann Mische.

Andrew Stroffolino. "The Scientist's Dilemma: the ethics of advocacy." Committee: Lee Clarke (Chair), Norah MacKendrick, Thomas Rudel, Phaedra Daipha, Rebecca Jordan.


Alicia Raia-Hawrylak. The Social Patterning of Victimization in Schools: Understanding Context to Improve School and Classroom Climates. Committee:  Patrick J. Carr (Co-chair), Lauren J. Krivo (Co-chair), Hana Shepherd, Phaedra Daipha.

Hwa-Yen Huang. "Why Me? Reflexive Practices in Illness Memoirs." Committee: Judith Gerson (chair), Joanna Kempner, Richard Williams, Eviatar Zerubavel, Robert Zussman.

Ying-Chao Kao. "Organizing Transnational Moral Conservatism: How U.S. Christian and Taiwanese “Pro-Family” Movements Converge, Diverge, and Collide." Committee: Arlene Stein (chair), Zakia Salime, Richard Williams, Louisa Schein.

Teja Pristavec. "Three Essays on the Caregiving Experience: Informal Caregivers' Perception of Burden and Benefits, the Importance of Social Support, and How Caregiver Experiences Matter for Care Recipients." Committee: Sharon Bzostek (co-chair), Deborah Carr (co-chair), Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Emily Greenfield.

Lilia Raileanu. "Indeterminate Waiting: Social Experiences, Politics, and Visualizations." Committee: Sarah Rosenfield (Chair), Norah MacKendrick, Arlene Stein, Deborah Carr.

Lindsay Stevens. "According to Plan? Medicine, Inequality, and Reproduction in the United States." Committee: Joanna Kempner (chair), Deborah Carr, Catherine Lee, Norah MacKendrick, Rene Almeling.


Crystal Bedley. "Multiracial Families in Television Commercials: Diversifying Notions of the Family." Committee: Catherine Lee, Karen Cerulo, Patricia Roos.

Kelly Kato. "Expanding the Immigrant Health Paradox: Self-Rated Health and the Role of Language." Committee: Julie Phillips, Sharon Bzostek, Sarah Rosenfield, Peter Guarnaccia.

Elizabeth Luth. "Social and Health Determinants of End-of-Life Care Quality: A Multidimensional Approach." Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Julie Phillips, Kristen Springer.

Eiko Saeki. "Contested Boundaries of Personhood: The Moral Status of the Fetus and Infant in Late Tokugawa Japan." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (Chair), Joanna Kempner, Karen Cerulo, Phaedra Daipha, Edward Drott.


Analena Bruce. "Entry and Persistence in Alternative Agriculture: An American Case Study." Committee: Thomas Rudel (chair), Norah MacKendrick, Karen O'Neill.

Julia Flagg. "Aiming for Zero: What Makes Nations Pledge To Become Carbon Neutral?" Committe: Thomas K. Rudel (chair), Steven Brechin, Norah MacKendrick.

Etienne Meunier. "Organizing Collective Intimacy: An Ethnography of New York City’s Clandestine Sex Clubs.” Committee: Joanna Kempner (co-chair), Arlene Stein (co-chair), Richard Williams.

Ghassan Moussawi. "Queer Disruptions: Modernity and Non-Normative Gender and Sexualities in Post-War Beirut." Committee: Arlene Stein (chair), Judith Gerson, Zakia Salime, Ann Mische.

Katherine Thurman. "The Effects of Early Childhood Victimization on SES: A Sociological Analysis."   Committee: Debby Carr (chair), Lee Clarke, Julie Phillips.

Jason Torkelson. "Life After Subculture." Committee: Patrick Carr (chair), Karen Cerulo, Arlene Stein.

Hakim Zainiddinov. "Are All Muslims Treated the Same? Racial and Ethnic Differences in Perceived Discrimination Among Muslims." Committee: Debby Carr (chair), Lee Clarke, Laurie Krivo, Richard Williams.


Shruti Devgan. "Re-presenting Pasts: Sikh Diasporic and Digital Memories of 1984." Committee: Arlene Stein (chair), Ethel Brooks, Zakia Salime.

Jennifer R. Hemler. “Living with, after, or beyond Cancer: Breast Cancer Survivorship and the New Normal.” Committee: Karen Cerulo (chair), Deborah Carr, Allan Horwitz.

Shatima Jones. "Performing Race and Shaping Community in the Black Barbershop."   Committee: Patrick Carr (chair), Ethel Brooks, and Ann Mische.

Eric Kushins. "Landing Gear, Lettuce, Bouquets, and Home Health Aides: Organizational Culture and the Surprising Resilience of Inefficiency in Entrepreneurial Businesses." Committee: Paul McLean (co-chair), Deborah Dougherty (co-chair, Rutgers Business School), Deborah Carr, Hana Shepherd.

Alexis Merdjanoff. "Weathering the Storm: The Long-term Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Mental Health, Mobility and Recovery." Committee: Lauren Krivo (chair), Sharon Bzostek, Chip Clarke.

Kirsten Younghee Song. "Becoming an Adult in the ‘Big World’: Korean Transnational Migrants’ Navigating Futures." Committee: Arlene Stein (chair), Judith Gerson, Phaedra Daipha, Ann Mische.


Alena Alamgir. "Socialist Internationalism at Work: Changes in the Czechoslovak-Vietnamese Labor Exchange Program, 1967-1989." Committee: Jozsef Borocz (chair), Ann Mische, Catherine Lee.

Andrea Barra. "Beyond The Bodice Ripper: Innovation and Change in the Romance Novel Industry." Committee: Karen A. Cerulo (chair), Arlene Stein, Patrick Carr.

Jeffrey Dowd . "'Racial Discourse and Partisanship in Politicized Cyberspace."  Committee: Paul McLean (chair), Ann Mische (Notre Dame University), Karen Cerulo.

Anna Harewood. "Exploring Gender Definition in Recent Sociological Scholarship." Committee: Judith Gerson (chair), Patricia Roos, Kristen Springer.

Yu-Sheng Lin. "Every Decision You Make Matters: Dilemma-Solving and The Life Course of Social Movements." Committee: Ann Mische (co-chair), Paul McLean (co-chair), Lee Clarke, Catherine Lee.

Janet Lorenzen. "Going Green: Reducing Consumption in Contemporary America. Committee: Paul McLean (chair), Thomas Rudel, Karen A. Cerulo, Phaedra Daipha.

Bijita Majumdar. "Blurring Boundaries, Claiming Space: A Social History of Indians in South Africa, 1860-1915." Committee: Ethel Brooks (chair), Jozsef Borocz, Paul McLean, Ann Mische.

Maria V. Malyk. "Sincere Backhanded Compliments: Exploring Social, Semiotic and Cognitive Dimensions of Cryptosemic Interaction." Committe: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Ira Cohen, Paul McLean, Sarah Rosenfield.

Monique Porow. "A Comparative Study of Familial Racial Socialization and It's Impact on the Racial Identity Development of Black/White Biracial Siblings." Committee: Karen A. Cerulo (chair), Lauren J. Krivo, Arlene Stein.

Sourabh Singh. "Changing Political Field Structure and Modulations in Democracy Consolidation: India, 1947-1984." Committee: Paul McLean (chair), Ethel Brooks, Ann Mische.

Vikas Singh. "Contentious Globalization: Performance, Conflict, and Morality In A Popular Religious Movement." Committee: Arlene Stein (chair), Karen A. Cerulo, Jozsef Borocz.

Hsin-Yi Yeh. "National Identity, Collective Memory, and Mnemonic Engineering: Inventing A Chinese Nationality From 1949 through 1957." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Paul McLean, Ann Mische.


Anna DaSilva. “Institutional Innovation in Global Health: Changing Roles of Stat & Non-State Actors in Governance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases.” Committee: Jozsef Borocz (chair) Catherine Lee, Paul McLean.

Neha Gondal. “Less-Institutionalized Social Structures: A Theoretical, Methodological, and Empirical Analysis Of How Networks and Culture Matter for Emergence.” Committee: Paul McLean (chair), Deborah Carr, Ann Mische, Eviatar Zerubavel.

Daina Harvey. “If This Thing Had Never Happened: Moving On From Hurricane Katrina.” Committee: Karen Cerulo (chair), Patrick Carr, Ann Mische, Arlene Stein.

Maria Islas-Lopez. “Future in the Present: Projective Practices in a Transnational Migrant Community.” Committee: Ann Mische (chair), Karen Cerulo, Hana Shepherd.

Oh-Jung Kwon. “Hegemonic Ideas versus Institutional Ethos in Korea’s Neoliberal Reforms During the Late 1900s Economic Crisis.” Committee: Tom Rudel (chair), Catherine Lee, Patricia Roos.

Tracie Witte. “Battling Moralities: Competing for Medical Marijuana Legislation.” Committee: Karen Cerulo (chair), Allan Horwitz, Julie Phillips.


Audrey Devine-Eller. “Preparing for Life After High School.” Committee: Patrick Carr (chair), Karen Cerulo, Phaedra Daipha, Arlene Stein. 

Rachelle Germana. “Hyphenation and It’s Discontents: Hyphenaters, Hyphen Haters, and the
Cultural Politics of Ambiguity.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Karen Cerulo, Ira Cohen, Richard Williams.

Chioun Lee. “Childhood Abuse and Physiological Dysregulation in Midlife and Old Age.” Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Allan Horwitz, Kristen Springer, Helene White.

Colleen Nugent. “Parents Preferences for Mixed-Sex Children: Motivations, Fertility Behavior, and Psychological Well-Being.” Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Julie Phillips, Kristen Springer.

Karen Stein. “Getting Away From It All: Constructing Identity on Vacation.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Deborah Carr, Karen Cerulo, Richard Williams.

Elizabeth Williamson. “Fostering Flexibility: Emotions, Power, and Framing Processes in a Socio-Religious Movement.” Committee: Benjamin Zablocki (chair), Karen Cerulo, Ann Mische.


Susan Bodnar-Deren. “Perceived Illness Burden: A Key to Understanding Advance Care Planning in Adults Nearing the End-Of-Life.” Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Allan Horwitz, Ellen Idler. 

Ivana Brown. “A Sociological Analysis of Maternal Ambivalence: Class and Race Differences Among New Mothers.” Committee: Judith Gerson (chair), Deborah Carr, Sarah Rosenfield, Kristen Springer.

Manjusha Nair. “Persuasive Citizens, Unconvinced Radicals: Comparing Workers’ Politics In Two Towns in Central India.” Committee: Jozsef Borocz (chair), Ethel Brooks, Paul McLean, Robyn Rodriguez.

Frederick O. Rasmussen. “Cultural Definitions of Emotional Problems: Impact on Problem Experience, Care Seeking, Sources of Care, and Satisfaction with Care Among Latino Community Members Living in the United States.” Committee: Allan Horwitz (chair), Stephen Hansell, Karen A. Cerulo).

Dena T. Smith. “Mean-Making in a Medical World: The Art of Talk Therapy, the Science of the Biological Model and the Boundaries In Between.” Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Patrick Carr, Phaedra Daipha, Allan Horwitz.


Dorota Szymkowiak. “Race Differences in Mental Health Services for Depression and Anxiety: Treatment Rates, Settings, and Quality among Whites, Blacks, and Latinos in the Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys.” Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Julie Phillips, Sarah Rosenfield.

Asia Friedman. “Blind to Sameness: The Socio-Optical Construction of Male and Female Bodies.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Karen Cerulo, Judith Gerson, Arlene Stein.

Maria Mwikali Kioko. “Transnational Connections of First Generation Kenyan Immigrants in the United States.” Committee: Judith Gerson (chair), Ethel Brooks, Leslie McCall.

Dawne Mouzon. “Can Social Relationships Explain the Race Paradox in Mental Health?” Committee: Allan Horwitz (chair), Deborah Carr, Sarah Rosenfield, Kristen Springer.

Paul Reck. “Placing Race and Policing in Context: An Investigation of How Patrol Officers’ Perceptions of Racial Groups are Shaped by the Local Contexts in Which They are Embedded.”Committee: Paul Hirschfield (chair), Patrick Carr, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Catherine Lee.

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